Travel Safety Tips For College Students

To complete a successful journey and to study abroad, the students have to know a few general rules and to stick to them. The most necessary thing in travel is common sense. Before you depart: Take a medical check up. You’ve better also have … [Read more...]

Add Some Fun to Your Halloween Marketing and Party Games With a Spooky Error Generator

Add Fun to Around To Your Office Halloween Party Games Bored with the same old Halloween Office Decorations and Antics or Want to make Your Home Computer In the "Spirit"? Try the Spooky Halloween Error Generator complete with sound effects of your … [Read more...]

Error Generator

This tool allows you to make a joke error appear on a friends computer using a generated link. Simply fill out the form with the text you want to appear on the error as the title, message and buttons. You can add icons to the error as well. The … [Read more...]

Signature Generator

Use this simple form to create a custom signature image to sign your blog posts as your own with the style that best reflects who you are as a person and a writer. If you find this tool helpful, please thumbs up and share on StumbleUpon, Facebook or … [Read more...]

Cool Blog Tool | Disclaimer Image Generator

A Cool Blog Tool - Disclaimer Image Generator Why do you need a disclaimer image? If you are a blogger or web based internet marketing guru who receives perks, products and payment and you blog about it, according to the FTC regulations, you need to … [Read more...]

Button Generator | Web based Internet Marketing Online Tools

Web based Internet Marketing Online Tools Looking for a way to help with your Web based Internet Marketing Online? Try a few of our Cool Online Tools like this Button Generator. Make sure when you copy and paste the code you publish from the html … [Read more...]